Christian, do you love Jesus?

This might sound like an odd question to ask a Christian; however, I would encourage you to consider John 14:15, 23 and 15:10. While these verses certainly can be taken as a command, they also be considered as a matter of fact. In this way…if you truly love Jesus the verses read less of a command and more your delight and aspiration. Your heart will long to obey Him and be more like Him (Romans 8:28-29). He will be your delight and joy, and no matter your failures to obey Him, you still pursue holiness, allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work in you to conform you to the image and character of Christ. This is what theologians call the process of sanctification. We will never get it perfect here, but one day, when we are with Him, we will be like Him! What a day that will be!

So, do you love Him Christian? Do long to be more like Him? Do you pursue His holiness? Are you willing to humbly submit to His correction and the trials He brings to refine you?

If you’ve never read the book “Holiness,” by J.C. Ryle, may I recommend it to you.

All love in Christ

One Reply to “Christian, do you love Jesus?”

  1. Great first post. Got me to thinking. As a man I have found out that I love very different than a woman or a child. Sounds crazy at first but I challenge all men to think about the difference. I love from a place of protector, provider, the stronghold in troubled times, the calm in the storm, advocate, teacher, defender, the responsible and accountable one over all in my care… That kind of love doesn’t work with Christ. He is my Head!

    I realized I had to learn how to love a different way. Loving as a woman loves is not something I even understand so any attempt to love my Savior that way would be a vain effort. However, I could love Him as a child! I used to be one of those! I had a father and mother I was totally dependent on!

    That’s why Christ said unless you come as a little child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. I believe He was speaking to men. Walk down that road of thought… Remember your childhood and you will soon find out why the Father incorporated, “Honor your father and mother that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land” in the 10 commandments.

    I wish I had been a better son to my earthly father but now I have the chance to get it right with my heavenly Father!

    There’s my 2 cents for the day!

    Your brother in Christ,